Research Grant Opportunities

BRBytes Grant

The US Department of Education granted LSU $4M through the Education Innovation and Research Program Grant to study the impact of Computational Thinking in the learning of Mathematics.

This is an Early-Phase research project to study a course developed by LSU, Introduction to Computational Thinking (ICT), that integrates teaching the fundamentals of computing, programming, and mathematics reinforcement in a project-based setting with functions as the overarching theme.

If successful, this study will inform development of future courses nationwide that integrate the two subjects. This is a high-stakes study with possible long term benefits.

Micro-Credential Grant

What is the Louisiana STEM Micro-Credential Project? This project involves the development and testing of a set of micro-credentials intended to allow teachers to apply what they have learned through their STEM Pathway training to the classes they teach. The partners involved in this project include:

  • Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE)
  • Louisiana State University (LSU)
  • BloomBoard
  • RAND Corporation

Looking for a grant for supplies for your classroom? Follow the link here for the QSM Grant.